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The Springboard

pastor George

April 13, 2022

This Springboard post comes after the long struggle we went through with covid. Here we are still standing by the grace of God stronger and better equipped to move forward in the 

Kingdom of God. 

The Springs Church relaunched the ministry 

March 20th, 2022 and we have now re established our vision and purpose. We will continue to post here on the Springboard the mighty things God is doing and will be doing in the future. Blessings to all and we believe greater is yet to come,

August 27th, 2021

God has been preparing us for a great comeback 

There is nothing more exciting than a come from behind victory in sports. The comeback in the church world looks different than a sports comeback in several ways. First of all in the church we have already won the game because of the finished work of Christ. In the church we stand on the promise of God that reminds us it is Gods church and the gates of hell will never prevail. 

So when we say come comeback in the church we are referring to getting the church back on mission. We are talking about the revision of a local church. Without vision people perish so when the church has a comeback its all about reaching others for Christ and discipling believers to growth in Christ.

Now is the time to once again to reach out to our community in a fresh and exciting way. Now is the time to use all the tools god has given us to be effective for his kingdoms work.  Everybody was certain that Lazarus was dead except for Jesus. Jesus walks to the tomb of Lazarus and says come forth. The body of the 4 day corps come forth alive and well. Yes he needed to be loosed from his grave close but he was alive. The testimony of Lazarus would be the greatest comeback story of that time. 

Jesus knew that Lazarus was going to make a comeback because it was all part of Gods plan. We know that we are part of the plan of god for this hour. I am ready and excited for what God is going to do and He will receive all the honor and glory.  

Independence day Celebration

April 29, 2021

We need to get our mindsets past the shut downs and start to think about opening up again in a way that will get us moving in a fresh new way. Prayer will be the key to that happening.


As we begin the month of May 2021 we will be spending time in prayer and asking the LORD to move by His Spirit in the church and in our lives. We will be praying for The Springs and one another as we seek the face Of God during these difficult but exciting days. Join us for the journey of putting everything in the hands of Almighty God.

*We are asking everyone to pick a time to pray every day during the month of May.

*Every Wednesday during the month of May we will gather at 6:30pm for prayer at the church before Bible study.

*Every Sunday during the month of May we will gather for prayer at 10:30am for prayer before morning worship.

*From May 17-21 we will have a week of prayer. This will be done online at a specific time for all to join in. More details will be presented later.

November 13, 2020

The world is speeding through time and space and things are changing by the day.  This Covid 19 pandemic has been a game changer for everyone of us. This political season has been volatile to say the least. During the month of November we take time to say thank You GOD for all of your blessings. Here are a few things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful that God does not change. Our God remains constant and true.

2. i am thankful Gods word does not change. Gods word is truth and it stands up to every scrutiny.

3. i am thankful for the church of the lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said he would build his church and the gates of hell would not overcome it.

4. I am thankful the holy spirit of god that empowers us to be victorious over the flesh, the enemy and the world.

5. I am thankful for my family and friends that are always there for me.

August 23, 2020

Wow! it has been a year since my last post. A lot has happened since then. No need for explanations. Ok lets begin. What do you do when you are back to square one?  You take a reality check.  no false illusions, no sugar coating, no pretending. Our lives our ministry need to face the facts that we need to hit the reset button because we are currently in the position of park.

The pandemic is a great excuse that we are where we are because of the virus. Is that a valid reason to be at a stand still?  Maybe not but the reality is we are in need of a reality check because to stay where we are we will surely die.

Its time to take a hard look of where we are and to start the course to where we believe God is leading us. Here is what i am proposing.

*Lets revisit the past/ where have we been/ what got us to where we are now

*Lets recast the Vision/lets remember what God wants to do

*Lets take a new step of faith/lets get out of the boat/lets speak to the mountain

*Lets stand on the word of god/our foundation is the rock, Jesus

*Lets Go for it

August 21, 2019

Keep Believing God

Today we hear of people giving up on their faith. What they are really saying is they have given up on God, the Bible says that it is impossible to please god without faith. our faith isn't in faith our faith is in  god and more specifically in Jesus(god in the flesh). I believe that Jesus resurrected from the dead and that's what separates Christianity from every other conversation about life and eternal life. 

Can anyone really believe that this world just happened by accident? That every creature came from one single celled amoeba that some how crawled out of the water and went from gills to lungs with no record of transition. can people really believe that the solar system fell into place after a massive explosion in space. I may have been born at night but I wasn't born last night. It takes faith to believe in the god of creation but it takes denial of science to say that life can come without life producing it. 

The reason so many do not believe in Jesus is because by not believing we can live our lives without any accountability and without any thought on eternity. The reason why so many are Turing from faith is because they never really had it in the first place and because it has been foretold that many would walk away from Jesus when it became clear that the ways and thoughts of God are not the ways of men.

People come and go in this life and many are called but like the Bible says few are chosen. 

Keep believing my brother and sister and you will not be disappointed on that day when all people will stand before the creator of life and the savior that gives eternal life. 

August 14, 2019

Be Strong In the Lord

To live for Jesus is a great opportunity to live life in all of it's purpose and abundance. The battle is real. Everything in your flesh screams out what about you? The enemy lies about who you think you are. The World gets in your face with all that it thinks it can offer you. It's up to you as a follower of Jesus to be strong in the Lord. 

Do you believe in Jesus? Then live for Him and do what He says to do. Here are a few things that I have been saying and believing as I walk with the Lord daily.

Holiness brings happiness

Consecration brings favor

Living daily for Jesus brings His anointing 

Prayer brings personal revival 

The blessing comes through obedience 


2 Timothy 2:1


February 25th, 2019

Expectation is a huge part of discipleship.  

The attitude of expectation doesn't say I will get through this. It says I own this.  

Its the difference between renting and owning. In Matthew 1: 2 it says 

"She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins".​

In this verse we find the revelation of expectation.

The word will screams Its going to happen!

Give birth reveals its part of the plan

A son gives us the specifics

And you are to give him the name Jesus tells us that

Expectation- Follows instruction

Expectation- understands significance

Jesus/Joshua= The Lord saves

Because he will save his people from their sins

Expectation- See's the Big Picture

Expectation- See's the Benefit

Expectation- See's the Blessing

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2019

I am going to put all my past blogs on this date. We moved our website so I had to delete the other site but i save all the blogs. Here they are starting from the oldest to the most current at the bottom.


Time to Celebrate New Beginings

I love the sunrise because it brings in a new day. I love January 1 because it allows us to start again. Let me encourage you to put the past in the past. Put your sin under the blood of Jesus. Encourage yourself to do better this new year. Dream again.

Here are a few things we can do to start off right in 2017.

1. Start every day with prayer

2. Make time to read the Bible daily

3. Forgive anyone who needs to be forgiven

4. Build your relationships with love in your heart

5. Keep close to the Lord


It's All About Jesus

This time of the year we can forget what Christmas is all about. We can learn alot from the Wise Men. This is what we find in Matthew 2: 1-15. The Wise Men were seeking. Seeking is Biblical. God is a seeker. Jesus left the 99 sheep to seek after the one that got away. Jesus came to "seek and save that which was lost". God wants us to be seekers. Jesus tells us to "seek first the Kingdom of God..." If we seek after HIm we will find Him.

The Wise Men knew what they were looking for. It is all about Jesus. They were looking for Jesus. When you cut through everything the only thing left is Jesus. A true disciple looks to Jesus. As we live our lives Jesus is our only true hope. All else will fail but Jesus never fails. Keep your eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

The Wise Men gave. Learning to be a giver will change you. Becoming a giver will bring meaning to your life. You might ask what can I give? Here are just a few things to consider. You can give love to those around you. You can be kind to others. You can help somebody in need. You can forgive. You can share the good news of salvation. Merry it's all about Jesus Time!


What's Next

I am very excited about what 2017 will bring. The new year has many challenges and oportunities. From the begining of our relaunch, here at The Springs, we made it a point to instill a culture of change. Change is part of growing and taking our next steps. We are building new bridges and partnerships with people God is putting in our path.

As we enter a new year it is time to close some doors and open new ones. In a new year it is time to break free from anything that has run it's course. In the new year it is time to catch a new wave that will allow God to do a new thing.

I am thankful that God reveals His plans and purposes to us as we seek Him. The Vision of the Springs burns brighter today because we know that our best days are before us.

Let me encourage anyone who reads this to not let the negative of others influence your faith in what God is calling you to do. People will try to disrupt you with there agenda and ideas but remember to keep your eyes on Jesus and Jesus alone. Keep yourself in the Word of God and He will direct your steps. Keep praying and believing God for greater things.


Possible With God

During the Christmas season we place our attention on the powerful story of God becoming man. We read in the word of God all the supernatural things that took place leading to the birth of Christ. What seemed impossible with man became possible through God.

The impossible becoming possible is a theme that runs through all of the scriptures. As I thought about this I was reminded that the reason Jesus came to this world was to seek and to save the Lost. Everything that Jesus did was to point men to salvation. With that in mind I want to pose the question, who do you know that is the least likely to every respond to the gospel message of Jesus Christ? Is it a family member? a celebrity? a politician?

One day Jesus was talking to a rich young ruler. This man walked away from Jesus because he could not give up what he thought was important. Jesus said those who rely on themselves have a hard time entering heaven. When the disciples heard that they said who than can be saved? Jesus reponded "With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible".

Jesus was reminding us that there is no one so far from God that they cannot be reached and won to Christ. What should be our response?

1.Make a list of those who seem unreachable

2. Pray for them daily to come to Christ

3. Have the faith that nothing is impossible for God

4. Thank God before hand for the miracle


The Springboard

Starting at the end of 2016 and as we get ready to enter 2017 I am relauching my blog. In doing so I have renamed it THE SPRINGBOARD. In my new blog I want to share my thoughts and ideas as well as comments on ministry stuff. My goal is to post something weekly if possible but for sure once a month.

I am very excited about the future of The Springs Church. We want to build a local church that will make a difference in the lives of families across our city. As we begin the new year we "...forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead." Philippians 3:13


God Always Comes Through

We have been working with General Steel Corp concerning our new building. I get the call letting me know that in 2017 prices are going up. I have already done my research on building cost so I know that the price they have given us is good. If we wait until January 1, we will pay several thousands more for the same building. I ask how much do we need to secure the building to keep the price the same. He gives the amount which happened to be the exact amount we had just received from an unexpected source. I ordered the building and got the price before the hikes went into effect.

The building is secured we took the step of faith. The journey for the rest is ahead of us. I look to the future knowing that GOD ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. I am confident that the victory is ours.


The Foundation

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is our foundation( 1Cor. 3:11). Today, early this morning, they poured the foundation of our Student Building. While the foundation they poured today is concrete the foundation we laid today was all for Jesus. The reason we are building this new building is to spread the good news of the gospel to our community. Our prayer is that we will have an impact on the children that are all around us.


This past sunday I brought a word to The Springs Church in honor of our graduates. The message I brought had these three points. First, we must all be dreamers. We must dream dreams that allow God to move us forward into our purposes and destiny. Secondly, we must all be learn to be people who defy the doubters, the critics. Everything we do for God will have those who will speak the negative against them and the work. We on the other hand must speak the word of God. We must defy the enemies of our faith and move forward with the plans of God. Thirdly, we must move forward by doing our part. God will be faithful and we must be faithful. We must be people of action. We must take the land and fight the good fight of faith.


The Storms

Over the past several months we have experienced some pretty massive storms here in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California. Not to mention Mexico and the earthquakes. Along with the devastating natural disasters we have experience the storms of tragedy in Las Vegas, Hollywood and political turmoil.

Personally we have all had our storms when trouble has shown up at our doorsteps unexpectedly. Storms are part of living in a fallen world and when dealing with fallen people. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about how to weather the storms of life.

When you are going through a storm keep in mind that all storms have beginnings and endings. Every storm mentioned in the Bible concluded at some point.

What is God teaching us through the storm. Many times God will reveal things about those around us concerning motives and actions. When God shows us things don't be afraid to step forward in faith and trust God for the right outcomes and decisions.

Be like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. Root yourself in the things of God so that you are not shaken by the schemes of satan and the opinions of man.

Storms come and go. People disappoint, but God is always faithful.


2017 Ends

2017 ends with a greater hope of things to come. I am encouraged as I look to 2018 for many reasons. Here is my list: 1. We have a group of leaders that want to see greater things. 2. We have a vision that reaches out the next generation. 3. We have a conviction that the message we speak is truth and life.

As 2018 approaches I am thankful that God has allowed us to move forward with likeminded partners and friends. I am thankful that we have an attitude that says the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this post and to those who don't.


The Cosmic Final 4

This Week in San Antonio we will be hosting the FINAL 4 College Basketball Championship. The Final 4 is a big deal. Some say it is the greatest American sporting event of the year.

For the Church Easter is probably the greatest celebration of the year because it highlights the greatest event of Christianity. The resurrection of Jesus is huge.

Just like this weeks Final 4 so there was a Final 4 that took place some 2000 years ago. Jesus came into holy week the undefeated 1st seed of the universe. He had three top contenders trying to unseat Him. These other teams were seeking to bring an upset.

Up first was satan himself. All through the earthly life of Jesus, satan had tried to defeat Him. With Jesus hanging on the cross and then buried in the tomb the devil thought he had won the game. When Jesus came out of the tomb alive the devil was soundly defeated.

Up second was sin. Jesus went to the cross never having disobeyed the Father even once. When Jesus died on the cross the perfect and holy life that He lived as the God man proved that He indeed was the the perfect lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Sin was defeated through Jesus death.

Up third was Death. Death though it had won because Jesus breathed His last but the game had gone to overtime. Jesus died on friday but came back to life on sunday defeating death once and for all.

The cosmic Final 4 ended and Jesus is and forever will be the Champion.


Be Encouraged

God is in control if we surrender it to Him. We do our part and God uses us to do what He wants. We have to be praying and seeking God about what it is He wants us to do. Trusting God is our way of moving ahead with confidence that we are on the right track. We can move ahead with God because we are certain of some fundamental things.

God wants us to share the gospel with the world. God wants to help followers of Jesus to grow as Christians. God wants us to help others in need. God wants to use us for His glory.



On October 7th I will begin my new series "I Love". In this series I will highlight 4 areas that we should be loving. GOD, FAMILY, CHURCH, LIFE. In this series I will challenge everyone of us to put our efforts into loving in these areas. I hope to see you.


Serving The Lord

Psalms 100:2 says "Serve the Lord with gladness....."

Serving the Lord can look a lot of different ways. This past week we have had a few men working hard at getting our new student building ready. Many hours have been put into making this project happen. On any given Sunday we have people serving at different posts throughout the time of our gathering. From security to guest service people who serve the Lord make it happen. I am thankful for those willing to serve the Lord in His Church.

Here are a few things I have learned about serving:

Use what you have. Like the boy who gave up his lunch to feed the 5000 he used what he had and God blessed it.

Be a vessel. Like the widow who keep pouring the little bit of oil she had into the containers and the oil keep flowing. We serve the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Remember who you serve. We do it all for JESUS and for Him alone

Remember why you serve. We serve so that other will have an opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of salvation for all who believe.


New Year 2019

As we begin 2019 I have determined not to listen to all the negative about what can't be done and focus on defying the odds. I choose to go against the grain. I have decided to face the giants without fear and claim victory even before i take my shot.

I will dig deep to find every ounce of strength that is within me to see great things happen for the Kingdom of God and for His glory. I will not stop until the plan God gives to me is executed with spiritual passion for the things of God.

2019 will be a year where we will say at the end of it "LOOK AT WHAT GOD DID".

14 Days of prayer

January 31st, 2019

We begin our 14 days of prayer February 1st.  "IF MY PEOPLE" 2Chronicles 7:14. Please pray 14 minutes a day for the next 14 day for The Springs Church. Below you will find the 14 things to be praying for.

Pray for souls to find Jesus as Personal Savior(English and Spanish ministries)

Pray for Christians to become growing disciples

Pray for children's ministry

Pray for the youth ministry

Pray for the young adult ministry

Pray for the Adult ministry

Pray for Women's ministry

Pray for Men's Ministry

Pray for the Worship ministry

Pray for the Eldership and pastors

Pray for the First impressions ministry

Pray for God to develop leaders

Pray for God to help develop spiritual gifts

Pray for Prayer ministry